Designing Your Stamp

When it comes to designing a stamp for your leather business one thing to remember is keep it simple. Simple can be scaled down to fit smaller spaces. The space on a leather stamp is prime real estate.

Think of it this way: Your potential customer will be impressed by your work first. Then they want to see who made it. They're not going to buy it because you have an elaborate logo or super fancy fonts. Your work should speak for and sell itself. Look at the major retail stores around most just use a short simple name.

When choosing the words to put on your stamp: Do you really need words like Custom Leather Work. Customers will ask if you do "custom" work. The stamp will be on leather so they will know you sell leather products. And it can be seen by your products that you work. Those words just take up the valuable "real estate" of your stamp. Less words means the words you do have can be larger and easier to read.

As for borders: Borders take up real estate also. So if you must have one...keep it simple. Oval shapes allow the most information in the smallest size than any other shape. This is the reason that leather stamps have traditionally been oval. Not because of a lack of imagination.

Name and location is usually enough for customer to identify and locate you. Especially if you have a website or online store and your webmaster has done his job with SEO and has you listed on services like Google. Traditionally the word "MAKER" is used in the middle of the stamp. But some find it useful to use a small cattle like brand. So then they can have a very small stamp made with just the brand to use on small projects or tack.

No matter what route you choose with your leather stamp Warbonnet Tool Co can help bring your stamp to reality.